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We are the Pros Brevard Goes to for All Things Drywall.

Master Home Renovators are absolute masters at drywall installation and repair. From hanging drywall sheets to patching holes and cracks to matching wall textures, we are known for providing seamless uniformity and quality results. For residential and commercial clients, our drywall installation teams of master craftsmen deliver perfectly installed drywall for your renovation or construction project. For commercial spaces, we can work around your office hours to minimize disruption to your business.

Professional drywall installation and repair is an art. The true masters at Master Home Renovators make it all look easy. From challenging angles to curved or arched walls to outlet congested areas, we cut no corners to creating the perfect drywall surfaces. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on drywall projects for your home or office.

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Ceiling Repair

Ceiling Repair & Texturing.

Master Home Renovators offer a variety of texture options to choose from for the ceilings in your home including Popcorn Ceilings, Orange Peel Texture, Skip Trowel, Knockdown Ceiling Texture, Stippled, Swirl, Lace and Smooth texture.

Master Home Renovators also offers superior texture matching services. Commonly used to finish either interior walls or ceiling surfaces, texture matching can match your current texture or give you your desired texture in no time! We also offer our customers a six-month warranty on all of our repair work, to ensure you’re confident and happy with your results. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on drywall installation and repair for your home!

Popcorn Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal to Make Older Homes Look Young Again.

Popcorn ceilings, also known as the cottage cheese ceilings, was once a staple in most homes across America. For a variety of reason, Popcorn texture fell out of favor in home interiors, not simply because of its unrefined, dated look but also its tendency to collect dust and dirt. Made up of small pieces of Styrofoam in the compound, popcorn ceiling texture was used extensively decades ago because it was easy and in many cases hid shoddy workmanship.

Master Home Renovators removes popcorn textures quickly and cleanly using tarps and best practices by experienced drywall experts. Once removed, we can transform your ceiling by adding one of the more contemporary ceiling textures of your choosing. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on replacing your popcorn ceiling with a new texture!


Anyone Can Paint Walls. Few Can Achieve Professional Results.

Paint inside and outside of your home is a reflection of your style and design sensibilities. Paint color and finish can set the mood, tone, and atmosphere of your room. The team at Master Home Renovators use a combination of old school craftsmanship and the latest painting techniques to ensure the final result is everything you dreamed. We properly prep and all surfaces. We pay attention to every detail and protect your area and furnishings during the painting process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on painting the interior or exterior of your home or office.